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A Tradition of Excellence . . .

The physicians of Atlantic Surgery Center are not only recognized locally for their medical expertise, but have held key positions in the medical community at both the state and national level. 

Our physicians are listed by their specialty.  For more information on each, select from this list.


Anthony L. Cantwell, MD, FACS

Jeffrey A. Dann, MD, MBA

Martin K. Dineen, MD, FACS

Evan Fynes, MD

Michael S. Grable, MD, FACS

Samuel Lawindy, MD

Matthew M. Merrell, MD, FACS

John Pearson, MD

Terrence C. Regan, MD

Arash Rafiei, MD

Stephen G. Weiss II, MD


 Joseph Mirante, MD

Michael A. Munier, MD


Antonio DeCarli, MD


Margaret DiGaetano, MD

Annemarie N. Etienne, MD, MPH

Orest M. Krajnyk, MD

Itza Acevdeo, MD